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Welcome to OvaZoa

A truly free car advertising site. The site overheads are zero and looking to stay that way so advertise away totally free.

When I've learnt some more about storing images i'll add private listings but for now I'm just interested in directing traffic to established dealers websites. The way it works is you've got a website selling cars, you don't want to submit your entire stock to a lot of websites every time your stock list changes. My solution (well so far, it'll be getting better) is to visit dealers websites with a computer program (spider) and extract the details of cars for sale automatically. It's not perfect, sometimes it'll pick up a set of wheels for sale thinking it's a car but it does the trick.

Maybe you're interested in this or maybe you just want to submit your site to improve it's visibility either way I don't mind. Fill in the form below and assuming all is well (URL spelt correctly etc..) then within the next week your cars should start appearing

There are no catches, if someone sees a car they like and clicks on the link they'll be directed straight to the page on your site where it was found. If you haven't already tried it go back to the listings and try it for yourself.

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